A Pro-Active Multi-Media Marketing Program
Designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry


Who Needs It

  • Hotels
  • Timeshares
  • Resort Properties

It's Here & Now

The "Experience" Economy

The Be-Our-Guest program is designed to provide your guest with the kind of "Experience", starting with the very first contact, that will encourage them to look no further. The program will not only increase your bookings of first-time guests, but will treat them so well that they will want to return time and again.

As an added benefit, the Be-Our-Guest Program will reduce your rental staff's workload by automatically delivering all the pertinent information that you are currently providing, in one form or another, for your guest.

The program will also assist your guests in planning area activities in advance of their arrival. The experience you give your guests will put your property out in front of your competition. Your bookings will increase along with your rental income.

Be-Our-Guest works well with or without a reservation system.


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